Studio Hire

As well as live performance work i have extensive experience working in many top level recording studios. I have used this experience to build my own professional home studio that can generate some impressive results.

Many examples of work recorded in my studio can be heard across this website. Projects can vary in style and instruments as the studio is set up to be as versatile as possible.

The current facility can accommodate duets and small ensembles and is the ideal place to record your demo and get an affordable professional sounding product that can be used to promote your work as an original artist or covers outfit.

In the studio you get the opportunity to record with top of the range equipment that is set up professionally to help you get the best possible sound.  You have the option to use professional level instruments and amplifiers with the help of a experienced studio engineer.

Email me for a quote as this can vary depending on your needs but we can usually work to accommodate you.

In the meantime check out some of the material that has been recorded in the studio and decide whether this is right for you.