Studio Work

I am available for all types of session work, i have extensive experience working in the studio and at live venues of all sizes playing guitar in almost every style.

Whether you need a guitarist to boost a live performance, work on a studio project or help with arranging professional guitar parts for your own songs i am available to be hired as a session player/arranger.

Listen to some of my previous studio work to get an idea of just a few things i have done in the past, this is just an idea and i am capable of adapting to most styles both live and in the studio.

When you click play below the site wide player will automatically stop and the track should start playing, it may take a couple of seconds as these samples are streamed at a higher quality to the standard player.
Always On The Run - Sample
This track was originally by Lenny Kravitz and featured Slash playing a solo and main riff. This sample focuses on the solo which is loosely based on the solo from the track and then demonstrates the main groove. Listen out for the different guitar parts hard panned left is a strat, based on the part played by Lenny Kravitz, on the right side is the main Slash riff and underneath it all is a fairly simple bass line that is centered.
Hendrix Rhythm/Solo
This track demonstrates chord embelishments in a Hendrix kind of style recorded on a Strat with the mics split panned hard left and right. The solo is then mostly improvised with a main theme that returns played on an SG, this isnt in the style of Hendrix it just helps to outline some of the chord changes beneath. The Drums and Bass are a backing track.
Funk Style - Riff Layers
This track uses a backing track for the Bass and Drums, this is in a Funk style remeniscent of Tower of Power. Over this there are several guitars layerd, firstly a strict 16th note rhythum played on a Strat in position 2. Over that there are 2 harmonised Strat riffs with a wah effect panned left and right, and finally a solo with an overdrive sound played through in Ibanez with Humbuckers.
Humans - Ry Byron & the Gentlemen
This is an original track from a band i spent a lot of time touring with in the UK, all the instruments are played live, i am playing lead guitar. This song featured on a compliation album that was distrubuted around the US and helped to rank us as one of the top 10 unsigned bands in the UK, thanks to o2!
This track features a solo guitar set to a clean sound with a slight break up when played hard. This is essentially played over a backing track that i had for the song it is a popular track to play at gigs where smooth background music is required
Saturday Night - Elton John
This is just a live recording done in a rehersal studio again with Ry Byron & The Gentlemen the vocals and piano were recorded by Ry later on but the main band is live. I am playing the only guitar in this track
Move On - Jet
This was recorded in my studio, everything you hear is performed by me. It features a bass guitar, several acoustic guitars layered in a few positions and both lead and backing vocals